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For metal fans who have given up or reduced their intake on account of unsavory influences

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@gid as a metaller from the 80-90s this is fascinating, I always liked Motörhead, they often used fascistic symbols but I don't think many took it seriously, I don't even know whether Motörhead were Nazis, but we live in a rather different world now, I wonder why these (largely younger?) bands are fascists, where they come from and why they are?
@Auspicious Sparidae
FWIW: In general I think it is a lot easier to find liberal/leftist metal bands than it is to find the fascist/alt-right ones. I also left a comment to that effect on the original link above (but it has yet to be moderated).

Traditionally the metal scene has been full of former hippies/stoners that wish love on one another, than there were militant nutcases. Most of the bands I listen to, which are ranging from the very biggest bands out there, to some very obscure ones, all are more liberal than they are fascist for sure.

I'm not saying the problem of alt-right/fascist metal bands doesn't exist, it does. I'm just saying it is probably not the norm, but more likely the anomaly. IMHO.
Yeah honestly it was then when I decided that listening to black metal might just be too much work.
@Auspicious Sparidae @gid @Acesabe The Black Metal scene I would say is an anomaly to the rest of the metal scene though. I say that as a life-long fan of technical death metal, which is quite far from black metal. I can't think of a single sympathetic Black Metal band. I know lots and lots of sympathetic (and liberal) Death Metal bands. My point being: they are not the same, but the article didn't make that, or any, distinction.
I am not interested in discussing this further
@Auspicious Sparidae @gid @Acesabe
hah. ok. my mistake, I thought it was published online to allow for discussion. Shall not happen again.
Look I'm not saying you're not allowed to discuss, I'm just not interested in being included
well, that was interesting...
ID fascist entity
Slam door in it's face
Walk away
...not entirely sure avoiding discussion of subject with view to better understand the matter is really gonna help much..
Maybe millennial antifa methods...idk..
I many be a tad out of date on current metal and their political agendas (30years!), but I can't even recall being aware of any fascism in the array of bands I used to follow, not to say none were fash (OK poss Motörhead), I'm really interested in where and why there are now significant numbers and what's behind the trend? E Europe/Scandinavia, US? Or much more broadly spread out?
@gid @Acesabe

so you therefore think it is alright that the article claims "all of metal is fascists, knowingly or not" and that THAT is a constructive addition to the dialogue?

That is what the article indicates and leaves the reader with. I thought that was the base of the discussion. Read the article again and tell me I'm wrong. Pretend you read it to your mum. What will her lasting impression be?

The article literally says: "the metal world is so riddled with closet racists, undercover Nazis, esoteric cryptofascists, and full-blown fascists". Nowhere in the article is any exceptions to that statement made. Nowhere is any deviation from the stated view made.

I find it incorrect, but nevertheless interesting.

I am not sure where you are looking for (quote): "It's clear there is a problem with fascism in metal" though. It is not clear at all to me. It is a problem where it exists, and where it is a problem. Where it actually exists in reality is in a miniscule part of the metal universe. The REST of the metal universe don't see it as a huge problem. Should we not concentrate on erradicating it where it actually is a problem? Is it wrong to describe the problem as it actually stands? Is it wrong to pin-point where it IS a problem, especially considering the article given as a source, which states the problem all-encompassing and broad?

But here I am, again trying to discuss, and that might not be the desired outcome here. Sorry. Feel free to ignore.

If anyone would be at all interested: I've been a metalhead since the early 80's, and I'm extremely liberal and anti-fascist. I also like to solve actual problems, not imagined ones, and that is how I make my living these days.
@gid @Acesabe I actually agree completely with that (last paragraph). I also feel like I perhaps AM "defending metals honour", which may or may not be wrong, so I might have missed a point (which to my mind then was unclear).

I don't think alienating a large group of anything perhaps is the way to "get to" the small group of nutters though. At the core, I still think the article, although interesting, is too broadly hitting, and the people it should inspire to take action has already been alienated by it, as it has described them too as something they are not.

FWIW: I like good discussions.
I think its to some extent more that there are fash on *every* music scene than metal being that much worse than any others and that music subcultures have become divided between race, sexuality etc compared to the 1980s and 1990s especially the rave/disco scene (though perhaps in hindsight it was only the drugs keeping people together and tolerating one another)
well of course banning/blocking/boycotting should and will always be an reaction or option, but I am not convinced that just pushing something you don't agree with away or underground will necessarily change anything for the better, they will still be there and find alternative channels to express their opinions.
Education to me would seem the best long term solution...